Jarl Jensen

I wrote my book Optimizing America because there is a better way to run our economy. We can optimize our economy for better standards of living.


Is this World Better?

Regardless of whether you are an hourly worker barely scraping by, a business executive or a politician in national office, we all experience similar problems. As an engineer, entrepreneur and inventor, my insight into systems provides me with unique awareness into these problems and their potential solutions. The economic system wreaks havoc by creating problems that can’t be solved. It’s easy to blame wealthy elites who run the world as their playground for the problems experienced across the globe, but that is obviously not the case. Why would they risk their future through looming environmental and economic disaster?

The actual truth is that no one is in charge. Humanity — the allegedly intelligent species — fails to use that intelligence to actually determine its future. And because there is no planning, no vision, no mission and no goals, everything is going wrong. Section 1 of The Big Solution reveals all the ways humanity suffers due to a lack of direction and purpose.

Shouldn’t humanity’s purpose center on creating a safe place for our families and maximizing our lives? Instead, humanity is locked in a purposeless rat race to the bottom. As you read about the problems we face, keep in mind that these problems are not necessary. Instead, they are a function of a system that is fundamentally flawed. I would ask that you direct blame at the system that makes everything so difficult, rather than reacting with pessimism over the current situation.

About Me/Author Bio

Jarl Jensen is an astute “idea guy”. As the inventor of many medical devices with issued patents having retail sales of over a billion dollars, Jarl has applied his out of the box thinking to America’s economy in The Wolfe Trilogy series, ‘Optimizing America’, Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil’ and ‘The Big Solution. As an experience executive of several companies, he has a track record of success. As an author his ideas can do more then heal the sick, they can change the world.

His ambitious ideas gives hope to us all.His goals in life are to make the world a better place by applying better ideas. As a father of three kids his home life always takes priority. He believes that ideas have a life of their own and as such they need nurturing just like his family.

Optimizing America

Jarl Jensen is a specialist in inventing and innovating many medical devices. He has issued patents having retail sales of over $500 million dollars. Jarl shares how you need to own your idea and build a team around you. Being hands on with your ideas is the key to making them reach their full potential.

Optimizing America

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