From the very beginning, Jarl has always been working with ideas. More importantly he has turned them into profitable product lines. Jarl started early getting named on his first patent at age 16. He built and sold a company along the way, for what many believe to be a record valuation for a privately-owned business. His patented products have reached an estimated billion dollars in retail sales. In 2007 and 2009 his daughter and twin boys arrived. Their arrival signaled a bigger calling in life, a bigger question, what are they going to do when they grow up with the pace of technology replacing everyone.

The question led to the solution and a book series, 'Optimizing America'. The book is well timed to address all the technology that is running amuck. Facebook's big data was applied to artificial intelligence to influence voters around the world. Phones are so addictive that having an uninterrupted conversation with anyone is rare. Technology is no longer serving us and will never solve poverty. Jarl knows why, and he's concerned things are only going to get worse.

Interview Topics

  • The Privatized Economy
  • The Economy is our Ecosystem
  • The American Dream
  • Man Verses Machine
  • The Technology Train
  • The Hope of 'Optimizing America'

Suggested Questions

  1. Why are millennials worse-off then previous generations?
  2. Why is retirement getting harder?
  3. Why is there gridlock in politics?
  4. Why is global debt exploding?
  5. Why are people not earning more money?
  6. Why is technology replacing people instead of solving poverty?
  7. Why are jobs made to be more important then climate change?
  8. How do we put people first and technology last?
  9. How do you optimize the economy for people instead of the banks?
  10. Why is Trump a symptom and not the problem?

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