The Disrupters

101. Engineering the Economy Out of Its Debt Fueled Destructive Spiral and Towards a Sustainable System that Also Solves Climate Change | Jarl Jensen

Jarl Jensen (@jarljensen) is an inventor, entrepreneur and best selling author. He served as President and CEO of EuroMed, Inc. from 2004 to 2009, has nine issued patents, with many more pending for medical devices which have grossed over $500 million dollars. Jarl’s the author of Optimizing America where he applied his out of the box thinking to America’s economy in the book and he’s also written various other non-fiction books examining the origins of power, wealth and democracy in the American political system. He’s now the CEO of Inventagon, an outsourced R&D company working to partner with tech players to license and development intellectual property and help bring them to market.

Today we discuss:

The big problem with a Fed-controlled interest rate and economy
How to incentivize solutions to climate change while increasing the cost of pollution as well
Why debt-based banking is such a damaging and unsustainable model for our future
The cause of economic recessions and how we can engineer our economy to avoid it
Why the US wins with today’s debt-based USD banking system
What Jarl thinks about the future of healthcare and how to fix it
How banks have come to create a self-destructing model where they always win
Jarl’s unconventional approach to universal basic income and why it just might work
Why Jarl isn’t optimistic about blockchain
How automation will affect jobs and economic growth
Why greed is a result of the system and not an inherent human quality
The probable causes of the impending recession if we don’t change things fast