Modern Minority Oppression

A lot of minorities feel singled out, labeled, and discriminated against. The blame is put on the justice system, racism, or the education system — but I’d like to share with you the real source of the problem.

The truth is that because minorities are predominantly poor and come from poor backgrounds oppression is built into the economic system.

Being poor is the real factor in oppression. Or put another way, the systematic elimination of opportunities for poor people to rise out of poverty is the most severe problem facing them. Because minorities in certain neighborhoods are more likely to be poor, they are more likely to be profiled as a poor person who needs money and may have broken laws.

African American child

The Real Cause of Minority Oppression

Race has nothing to do with wealth or poverty. The system has everything to do with keeping people poor.

My years working in business, creating and inventing, have developed my understanding of how systems work. I’m no expert in minority discrimination, but as an engineer, I can see a problem with a system from a mile away.

I wrote my first book because there is something wrong with the world — primarily the global economic system. So, let me explain the real root cause of minority oppression.  

United States Constitution

#1 – The Constitution Institutionalized the Empowerment of Wealth

Consider the institutionalized empowerment of wealth, the Constitution. It was written by wealthy, white, property owners.

Their main concern was the protection of their personal wealth.

  • They did not want a king to seize their fortune.
  • They did not want the poor to out number them and strip them of their property.

Representational Democracy

Our founding fathers came up with a middle ground — representational democracy. Elections would be for the purpose of choosing a representative.

The founding fathers realized that a representative could be influenced by money where masses of people could not.

The problem with representational government is that it empowers wealthy people to buy influence and control government.
Poor people without money do not have a voice. They get to vote, but only once every few years.

Privatized Money

#2 – Money Has Been Privatized

Money — the very thing that makes people wealthy — has been privatized. Most people don’t realize that the words on our currency actually states this fact. It clearly says ‘Federal Reserve Note’, right on the bills.

The Federal Reserve is actually a corporation owned by commercial banks.

Monetary Policy is therefore dictated to us by commercial banks. The priorities of the Federal Reserve will always be to protect the commercial banks.

A great example is the great recession. All of the banks were bailed out and millions of Americans were forced to foreclose on their homes.

The Federal Reserve will prioritize the commercial banks’ customers — which by definition is rich people or people with money. This means that monetary policy will look to make wealthy people wealthier so they can borrow more money.

After all, banks are in the business of lending money.

Trickle Down Economics

The Federal Reserve prints money for commercial banks. Credit is the only form of money and it is only created for loans. This by definition is the source of trickle down economics.

It means there is ONLY trickle down economics. When Bernie Sanders says that he is against trickle down economics, it makes no sense. Even if you tax the wealthy at much higher rates, the money is still trickling down from the bank loans.

Taxation will only reduce borrowing by wealthy people since they will have less to borrow with.

It is not possible to escape trickle down economics as long as commercial banks control the Federal Reserve.

As for poor minorities, the money has to trickle way down the trickle down mountain before it gets to the poorest people.

trickle down economics

#3 – Trickle Down Economics is Inherently Limited

In order, for the trickle down economy to grow, the wealthy have to get wealthier and the poor have to stay poor.

If the poor get too much money it creates inflation, so the Federal Reserve actively reduces lending before too many jobs are created and people get too many raises. This means there are only two ways to grow the economy.

Grow the Economy: Option 1 – Loan More Money to the Wealthy

The first option to grow the economy is to simply loan out more money to wealthy people at the lowest interest rate possible that will not cause inflation.

Grow the Economy: Option 2 – Grow the Population

The second way to grow the economy is through growing the population. If wealthy people have more workers and customers they can get wealthier and borrow more money.

In addition, with a larger population the Federal Reserve has more people to keep poor which allows more people to climb the trickle down mountain.

Someone should mention this to those who oppose any form of migration.

We know this is true by looking at China — another trickle down economy. There are so many people in China that its middle class is larger than all the people in America. China’s middle class formed over the last 40 years, the same period of time where America’s middle class has shrunk.  

The Solution to Optimizing America’s Economy is in My Book

In my book, I lay out the foundation of trickle up economics in the modern era. The book is written in an entertaining page-turning story-based format.

Justin Wolfe, the main character, goes on tour to promote his book, ‘The Big Solution’. When his ideas to turn the banking system on its head catches on with the masses, he gets caught up in a presidential campaign that threatens his very life.

Grab your copy today and learn more about our economy and how it can be fixed.

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