How Millennials are Being Undermined

“It’s the young people who got screwed and will continue to get screwed.  The so-called greatest generation created this mess.

Thankfully, Millennials are connected and together they can do something about it.  Of course, if they don’t know the solution, they can’t ask for change.”

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Too Many Things Going Wrong & No One Doing Anything

I became an author because I am scared for my kids’ future, but Millennials are already facing a significant headwind.  Most people realize that there are too many things going wrong and too few people doing anything about it.

There is no group this is truer for then Millennials.  

Millennials are better educated, work harder and are more motivated than any generation in history.  Nonetheless, Millennials are getting a smaller paycheck then previous generations.

Despite this, the so-called ‘Greatest Generation’ aka baby boomers who created this messy state of affairs, is calling Millennials lazy.

rats in a maze

Rats in a Maze Trying to Make a Living

We have become rats in a maze trying to figure out how to make a living and hopefully retire with dignity. For Millennials and future generations, the maze is changing and will change faster and faster.   

In my book, I wrote a chapter called ‘Youth Revolt.’  Where a New York City uprising of frustrated young people march against the system that is offering them fewer opportunities and lower pay.  

People are still making ends meet, but they are buried under college debt and a smaller paycheck.  It is human ingenuity and a desperate will to survive that is allowing the economy to even function modestly.  

Our economy should not work against us. It should work for us. I think that it’s time for Millennials to figure out how they got screwed.

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America was Built for Wealthy People.  

The constitution was designed to protect private property — aka, the wealthy.  This, of course, means that poor people don’t get to buy lobbyists and personal conversation with elected politicians.  

Millennials must grasp the power of numbers through their connections and drive change.  They are connected like no other generation before. If they use this connection, they can effect change by voting together.  

But — first, they need to understand the solution and why it has nothing to do with politics.

Why Democrats and Republicans stand for the same thing. They both want an economic system that drives us towards climate change, income disparity, fewer jobs, war, and even the destruction of democracy itself.  

To save their future — to save the world — Millennials need to get smarter than the greatest generation.  They need to see past left and right wing politics and focus their effort on monetary policy.

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Follow the Money Trail

Millennials must follow the money, read my books and blogs and ask for the changes that will save the world and get them off the rat race to nowhere.  

In my book, the Epilogue is called Jackson Hole.  The site of The Federal Reserve’s annual meeting.

Academics give key notes, economists display their theories. At best, it’s all obfuscation. At worst, they really don’t understand their role in destroying future generations livelihoods, and possibly even the future of all humanity.  

Because economics as a social science is merely a ruse created by the bankers that own the Federal Reserve which controls the money printing machines.  

It’s a ruse because everything in our universe follows the laws of physics except economics.  

Economics is the only science that is not scientific.  

There is a reason for that which is that the source of all money is credit. Bank loans made by commercial banks are funded by printing money at the federal reserve.  

This has dire consequences for us all.  

inefficient systems

The Inefficiency of a Non-Scientific System is Staggering.

Consider a combustion engine that was never understood. If the Model T was still the best car, then a horse might seem more dependable.  

Well, our economy today is a model T because nobody can understand it.  

The key to improving and saving our future is to put engineers in charge of the Federal Reserve. Under their guidance, the economy can function through proper engineering controls, the same controls that make modern combustion engines hum.

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Millennials are the Key to Saving the World!

Our current monetary system was built by us, for us, and yet, it still works against us.  

We need an uprising, we need change, we need people to come first, we need to put engineering and science into our monetary system.  

Our politicians treat economics like it’s a holy grail, not to be touched by mere mortals. It is my hope as an author that my book can help tear down the mystique of economics.  

If all of our politicians believe that the economy and the monetary policy which controls it cannot be changed and improved, then they are all the same.  

Real economic change is not possible without change at the monetary policy level.
Learn more about our economy and how it can be changed for the good in my book, Optimizing America (ebook is called EPIPHANY). Get your copy today.

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