God’s Money or God’s Economy

I am in the process of writing my next book — the prequel to Optimizing America. This book takes place on a farm just outside of Savannah. Justin Wolfe has hired Evan White to turn a farm into a social experiment.

Using its own currency, the farm brings homeless people there to stay. They are then given ‘farm bucks’ that they can spend on a place to live, food to eat, and even a little extra spending money.

The Farm Brings a Change In Lifestyle

On the farm, a little work and a lot more income gives them a chance to live in a nicer place, eat better food, and enjoy some good entertainment.

Steadily, Evan successfully builds a bustling economy on the farm with the help of formerly unproductive homeless people. They start to realize that the farm works like a natural system.

The Farm Works Like God Built It.

Man-Made vs God-Made Economies

That’s when Elliot L. Larson shows up. He defends the merits of the man-made economy that has gotten humanity so far. Evan and Elliot wind up debating the merits of both, but Elliot so enjoys wealth and the power it gives him over the poor.

Evan believes…

If you believe in God (or if you don’t) then you believe he built this world. Every aspect of life was created by God.

Accordingly (depending on your religion) he did so in seven days. He created the earth the moon and the stars. He (she) therefore also created the observable universe and the laws that makes it work the way it does.

For example, God created the Universal Law of Conservation of Energy and the Law of Gravity. He made nature predictable and observable by scientists.

All things in God’s world behave according to these principles, aka universal laws.

There is only one thing in our universe given to us by God that does not behave accordingly and that’s the modern economy. Therefore, in biblical terms the right adjective should be ‘unholy’ economy.

What would God’s economy look like? It would behave the way everything else God made behaves; predictably, naturally, and scientifically.

Elliot believes…

Poverty is needed for motivation. If everyone had what they needed, then why would they work? There is plenty of evidence of the unholy nature of modern economics… millions die every year of poverty and 250,000 die in America alone.  Sickness across the globe that never existed before from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and on and on,

Even the wealthy are too poor to save the poor. People can’t retire. They have to work in old age. Young people start their life burdened by debt. The world, the nation, businesses, and people are overwhelmed by debt.

War never ends because of resource issues or money issues. The only man-made ‘unscientific’ system — aka the economy — is not following the structure of God’s work and it is creating evil results.

Elliot also argues for the need for greed.

After all what else will keep a rich man at the office until the early hours of the morning while the parenting of his children is outsourced. What else will drive a woman to put off starting a family until it’s too late to have children. Greed.

Elliot says greed is good — it drives productivity.

The L in Elliot L. Larson stands for Lucifer. His character doesn’t have superpowers, but he is very charming and persuasive. The point of naming him Lucifer is to allow him to argue for the destructive nature of the economic system.

If you haven’t read my first book yet, take a look because the prequel is sure to shake things up.  Find my book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0767Q98W3/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_EWAuCbA1YMY6W

Help Name My Next Book

What do you think my next book should be called? God’s Economy or God’s Money or something else entirely?

Leave a comment below and let me know!
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Paul Swanson
Paul Swanson
1 year ago

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