Are You the Victim of American Greed?

‘We have created a global monetary system where greed is essential to thrive. Yet, it’s built on top of a natural world that only needs love. Greed cannot be reconciled by love; we must remake the monetary system to be loving, to be inclusive.’

~Justin Wolfe – Book Series

I write books because there is something wrong with the world. Life is based on trillions of generations of successful procreation, billions of years of love.

What was great in the past was the domination of love and caring for the people around you. What is wrong with the world today is greed.   

So, here we are. The world is falling apart at the seams and people are cherishing greed as their means of being successful.  

In the early 1900s…

Success used to mean being part of a happy and healthy family. However, today we envy and admire the powerful billionaires… making families is merely a footnote.  

I believe that it is wholly against our nature to be greedy. Otherwise, why would we even consider something as selfless as having children?

Greed tells us they will just take from us. They will take our time. They will take our money. Despite the trend towards greed, it is still in our nature to have children. I think this is because at our core we still care about each other.

As an author, I am able to show you how seemingly disconnected events — crimes against humanity, the earth, and even your own personal hardships — go on with no reconciliation or justice.

They are all connected and caused by a global economic system that is rudderless and out of control.  

It is as if nobody’s the wiser and perhaps nobody realizes that greed has become essential to business because of the economy that has been constructed over the last 100 years.    

Sailing Rudderless

‘It’s the losers who ask for change, why would I change anything?”
~ Elliot Larson – Book Series

In my book series Optimizing America, Elliot Larson is an evil technology billionaire. He is the essential, greedy, businessman who has tapped into the source of all money and loans from banks… Wall Street.  

The man sails the oceans alone on his mega yacht, Rudderless.  

He is thrilled at the power his money has over the poor. But as you read, you learn just how alone he is. He is kept separate from those he does not help and from those that work for him.

Missing Out on Family

While the world has it’s Elliot’s, it also has it’s Justin’s that are trying to do good and change things for the better.  But they are all working inside an unnaturally evil monetary system that does not care for humanity or the future of our kids.  

The people that are out to do good often find themselves suffering as well. Connie Ann and Justin Wolfe have a love connection that would have turned into a loving family in times long gone.

However, modern life has made it too difficult for them to stop their lives and start a family.  They both have ongoing responsibilities and ambitions that makes them dream of seemingly more important things than raising a family together.  

And in this way, even the hero of a story, whose plan is to turn the economy on its head by essentially making the economy inclusive first, falls for the trappings of the rudderless economy.  

The Deception of a Debt-Based Economy

Modern times are busy, most people consider it a rat race.  Very few people actually take a breath and ask themselves, what’s really going on?  Why are most people busy chasing down a few dollars while billions of dollars are printed into existence so that Company A can buy Company B.  

In my book, Connie and Justin talk about the solutions. Connie is Justin’s campaign manager. She confronts him with her doubts.  She challenges him to explain how you can create something from nothing.

How can printing money into existence make us better off?  

Justin explains that money is the only asset class that doesn’t exist. Money is only printed for banks to fund loans. So, in essence, all of the money that is currently in circulation is owed back to the banks.  

Justin explains that the money people would get directly from the printing presses would be the only real money in circulation that actually exists.  

Connie asks if printing money will just make money worth less.  

Money is printed all the time to finance massive loans when two large companies merge. Billions of dollars are printed to make that happen, does anybody care about the value of the dollar declining when that happens… NO.  

The value of money is tied to its purchasing power. Everybody having a little bit of money to spend only makes the economy function properly.

It does not make money worth less. It would actually make it worth more because the economy would quickly become more efficient and productive.  

If enough people know the solution then change can happen.  

Our current monetary system was built by us, for us, and yet, it still works against us.  We need an uprising, we need change, we need people to come first, we need to put love and inclusiveness into our monetary system.  

Our politicians treat economics like its a holy grail, not to be touched by mere mortals. It is my hope as an author that my book can help tear down the mystique of economics.  

If all of our politicians believe that the economy and the monetary policy which controls it cannot be changed and improved, then they are all the same.  

Real economic change is not possible without change at the monetary policy level.

Learn more about our economy and how it can be changed for the good in my book, Optimizing America. Get your copy today.

Author Bio (From The Author)

Hear the story on Audible

I didn’t set out to be an author. The book chose me.

I work with ideas and through innovation and hard work, I turn them into businesses. However, some ideas are bigger than others and some ideas don’t fit the mold of a business. Some ideas call on your obligation for the future of your kids to make the world a better place. That’s why I wrote a book and then more books and became an author. Because I had to.

The world is fundamentally flawed, not because of any person or group of people. Our economy has simply evolved naturally and in many ways productively. However, the advancement of technology is having unintended consequences, and there are no obvious winners but there are many losers. There is no innovation or political party that can change the perilous direction humanity is headed. There are fundamental beliefs about our economy that seem inarguable only because they have existed for multiple generations. I write about a new way of looking at our economy which will solve the world’s biggest problems while creating more winners and much fewer losers.

What was great in the past was the domination of love and caring for the people around you. What is wrong with the world today is greed.

So, here we are. The world is falling apart at the seams and people are cherishing greed as their means of being successful.

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