Jarl Jensen, a writer and inventor who, at 16 sixteen years of age, contributed with his father to a successful patent that led to the launch of a wound care company called Euromed.  As a result, he has been successful the whole of his adult life and can step back and assess how the economic […]

Growing up with an inventor dad, Jarl Jensen knew innovation and ideas were in his future.  As a kid, his dad would play the “Invention Game”with him.  His dad would present an object and together they would come up with different ideas for its use.  In his teens, Jarl was already on the road to success […]

    My guest today is a New Jersey born and Denmark raised writer and inventor. After a successful career in engineering (where he was a contributor to many successful patents, including a medical device along side his father), he found himself looking for new ways to give back. He believes the dysfunctional economy is […]

The big problem with a Fed-controlled interest rate and economy
How to incentivize solutions to climate change while increasing the cost of pollution as well
Why debt-based banking is such a damaging and unsustainable model for our future
The cause of economic recessions and how we can engineer our economy to avoid it
Why the US wins with today’s debt-based USD banking system
What Jarl thinks about the future of healthcare and how to fix it
How banks have come to create a self-destructing model where they always win
Jarl’s unconventional approach to universal basic income and why it just might work
Why Jarl isn’t optimistic about blockchain
How automation will affect jobs and economic growth
Why greed is a result of the system and not an inherent human quality
The probable causes of the impending recession if we don’t change things fast

After his father passed away from Leukemia, Jarl Jensen was faced with taking over his company as the new President and CEO at the young age of 26. His dad had always instilled in him an appreciation for out-of-the-box thinking — often strengthening Jarl’s imagination and encouraging him to look at things in a different light. This type of critical thinking would assist him later in life as Jarl went on to invent and patent several medical devices having retail sales of over $500 million dollars! WOW!!!
Years later he has proven to not only be a successful, experienced executive of several companies but also an author of multiple books about America’s wealth. And while his patented medical ideas have healed the sick, he may now even show signs of changing the world through cultivating a new way to view our financial system.
In his latest book “Optimizing America” Jarl crafts a captivating thriller where readers must ponder questions about modern political roles, shatter the “news-in-a-loop” cycle, and change the way we think about the distribution of wealth. In this way, he hopes readers will understand that we can actually optimize America through changing the way our banking system is set up….a pivotal issue that could effect so many other pressing topics in our live’s today.

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EPIPHANY: One Man Will Level The Field Author Jarl Jensen joins Tom on the New Theory Podcast.

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