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  • What do you mean by optimizing America?

    The American economy is being strangled by its banking system.  Optimizing America is the potential the American economy can gain by applying engineering concepts to the American financial system.  Few people know that commercial banks own the Federal Reserve.  This means that monetary policy is set according to the needs of the banks.  It should be a surprise to no one that the needs of commercial banks do not align with society.

  • What’s wrong with basic income?

    The promise of basic income is that is generates more tax revenue than it costs.  The idea is that a government would collect taxes and then pass divide those taxes equally to the people.  This concept is impossible since many products are imported or components of the products and services purchased come from other countries.  However, a large portion of the money will go towards paying down debt which again removes the ‘basic income’ from circulation which would mean that the government would not be able to recollect it for the next round of ‘basic income’ payments.  Furthermore, all governments are already under significant debt, the massive cost of ‘basic income’ would make that debt grow.  The untold story of increasing taxes significantly is that it hurts stock markets and it encourages businesses and wealthy people to move to a place with lower taxes.  Even if all businesses do not move, it makes it much less likely that business would move into a highly taxes country.  Startups also would have a harder time succeeding if any profits they made were taxed.  For these and many other reasons, the solution can’t be solved through tax and spend schemes, the solution has to be derived from the engineering of monetary policy.

  • Why did I become an author?

    I write with the best of intentions for my wife, my kids’ future, and the future for all of us. The world is in crisis, but there is a solution that nobody is talking about. Debt is running amok on global, national, corporate, and personal levels. Debt is making governing impossible, as spending has to be rationalized for even the most human purposes. Corporations have to lay off staff to help pay for their mounting debts. People have to cut back their spending to pay for school debt, mortgages, and credit card bills. Trade used to build peace, but now we talk about trade wars. The United States has been in an unending war against terror with no end in sight. Something is fundamentally wrong with the system, and my book and this blog exposes the reader to both the problem and the solution.

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